June 9, 2018

Amélie Bonet
Amélie Bonet is a type designer and font engineer, based in Berlin, Germany. She developed a passion for type design with a focus on Indic scripts, during her years in Reading and London. Amélie has worked on projects involving various writing systems, such as Bengali, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Georgian, Greek, Tamil. Her design, Nokia Pure Bengali was awarded at the Granshan competition in 2014. In late summer 2015, Amélie joined the Monotype Font Engineering team.

You can see her latest works on her website and follow her on twitter.

Ewan Clayton
Ewan Clayton is a calligrapher and Professor in Design at the University of Sunderland, he is also a visiting calligraphy tutor on the type programmes at the University of Reading and Cooper Union in New York City. He is a core staff member at The Royal Drawing School in London. Lettering is in his blood. He grew up near the village of Ditchling in the UK, home to Edward Johnston and three generations of his family worked there in a guild of crafts people founded by Eric Gill. Ewan’s interest in the written word ranges widely. He worked for 12 years as a consultant to Xerox PARC, researching the future of writing in the workplace. His book on the history of writing with the Roman alphabet The Golden Thread was published in 2013 and has been translated into a number of languages, including Italian. His real love is articulating the role the entire body plays in writing whatever the medium; he is a qualified somatic coach and body-worker.

You can see his latest works on his website and follow him on twitter.

David Jonathan Ross
David Jonathan Ross draws letters of all shapes and sizes for custom and retail typeface designs. A native of Los Angeles, He began drawing typefaces at Hampshire College and joined The Font Bureau in 2007 where he honed his bézier-wrangling skills. Now he publishes visually imaginative and technically advanced designs at his own foundry, DJR , as well as working on projects with Type Network and developing display faces for his Font of the Month Club . You’ll find him in Western Massachusetts with his partner Emily and their two dogs, Sophie and Lily.

You can see his latest works on his website and follow him on twitter.

Riccardo Olocco
Riccardo is a type designer and member of CAST – Cooperativa Anonima Servizi Tipografici. Besides designing, he is doing a PhD at the University of Reading, faculty of Typography and Graphic Design. His research concerns 15th-century Venetian roman types and he combines use of bibliographical knowledge with analysis of letterforms. In 2014 he took an MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading where he was introduced to so-called non-Latin types and fell in love with Bengali script. Prior to this, from the late 1990s, he freelanced as a type and graphic designer in Milan and elsewhere in northern Italy. From 2009–2013 he was a lecturer in typography at the University of Bolzano. He currently lives between Bolzano and London.

You can see his latest works on his website and follow him on twitter.

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